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The Dilemma of ‘Plus size men’

By Pluss.in on 4 September, 2020 The Dilemma of ‘Plus size men’

Plus size women, plus size models for women clothing has become a regular picture of the fashion industry, lately. But what about plus size men? We often lag behind at addressing issues related to appearances of men. The society had been indulged lately with the appearances and clothing of women. The vast strata of choices and the huge collection for them released by eminent designers in fashion weeks, clearly portrays the rudimentary picture for addressing men appearances, especially, plus size men.

With passing days, as the shackles of conventionality broke, fashion trends evolved accordingly, starting from plus size models to plus size clothing. This is an aspect which is not much levied on the men’s section. The narrative of fat people clothes men or plus size men is not yet very common.

The lack of focus on the plus size men comes with its own conditions. It poses a dilemma- wherein the men remain aloof of body shaming and societal standards, but at the same time, there are not much choice for them to choose as well.

Let’s embrace the truth that- physiological structuring is different from person to person. Be it men, be it women! Just because, there have been pre-set conventions of a man being broad and huge, the fact that, plus size men will easily find clothing, is a hoax. Often and again, plus size men’s clothing has scanty choices for the men to choose from. Not only they miss out on the new trends due to unavailability for their specific size, they have to resort to tailored clothing often.

There are arguments made that men’s bodies are not often scrutinized by the society as compared to their female counterpart, but sadly, new trends have emerged which extends the same to them as well. The most affected of it are the men who fall in this category.

It is true, that women had been the focal point of the fashion industry always, and added to that plus size women has made it to the newer definitions. Amidst of all these, men who could be associated with ‘huge', 'broad’, ‘tall’, are at the pit! No doubt, that there are hardly 5-6 major fashion companies providing clothing solutions to plus size women, but for the plus size men, it is at its maximum dearth.

The probable options available at the clothing section ranges from M, L and at most up to XXXL. While there are many men walking and shoveling the T-shirt section, who would likewise want a 4XL. Fasion industry had always been pretty exclusive about the trends. And this is being highly witnessed in case of the plus size men.

The stature of your body cannot be a reason to constrict you from flaunting yourself! Yet, again, plus size men, has no access to it. Flaunting curves- became a trending phrase, recently, but that only ascribed to the plus size women. When there are not enough plus size clothing choices for the men to choose from, how quick, do you think would they be readily accepted in the society?

The society we dwell in, be it the United States, Australia, or India, the pre-conceived notions of standard beauty and appearance are impregnated in our minds from the very childhood. Amidst these, those individuals, who associate with unconventional dimensions, can feel lowly about their own self.

The way we present or adore ourselves had always been of utmost importance to us. There are many instances where, the men, due to their plus size, don’t feel very confident and avoids socializing. It is said, your appearance gives you the confident aura! Strangely, in an era where, fashion industry is laying down the bricks for new convention and acceptance of different dimensions of the body, plus size men, remain to be at a stagnant position, with no much advancements made for them.

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